Fix & Flip Loans

  Recourse Line of Credit Non-Recourse Line of Credit
Minimum Experience We work with new investors, NO EXPERIENCE, but to get best terms, require 2 fix n flip or rental property within the past 3 years 2 flips/builds or active rentals within the past 3
Individual Loan Size $50K - $2.5MM $50K - $1MM
Line of Credit $500k - $10MM $2MM - $100MM
Max Loan-to-Value 75% of ARV 75% of As-Is Value
Max Acquisition Financing 95% loan-to-cost 85% loan-to-cost
Max Rehab/Construction FInancing 100% rehab budget 85% rehab budget
Interest Accrual Full accrual on max loan amount Balance accrual only on drawn funds
Eligible Property Types (non-owner occ.) SFR, 2-4 units, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-family SFR, 2-4 units, Condos, Townhomes
Minimum Interest 90 days minimum interest 90 days minimum interest
Min Credit Score Requirement 620 660
Valuation Full interior appraisal Desktop valuation for SFR/Townhomes <$250k, full appraisal for others
Exposure Limits (LOC) Renovate or build multiple properties up to the approved Limit.
Draw Balance Available

Fix & Flip Transaction Example

Sample Scenario

Acquisition Price: $100,000
Anticipated Rehab Budget: $50,000
After Repair Value: $200,000

Sample Terms

Acquisition Funding Max LTC: 95%
Rehab Funding Max LTC: 100%
After Repair Value Max LTV: 75%

Initial Loan Advance at Acquisition $95,000 (acquisition price * acquisition funding ltc factor)
Rehab Funds Available To Draw $50,000 (rehab budget * rehab funding LTC factor)
Max Total LTC $135000 (aquisition LTC + rehab LTC)
Max Total LTV $150,000 (after repair value * LTV factor)
Max Total Loan Amount $142,500 (we lend to the lesser of LTC or LTV)

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